About Me

I'm fueled by a passion for pushing the boundaries on what collaborative work and productivity software can become, plain and simple.

From the big picture all the way in to the tiniest detail, I'm intent on helping to create wildly compelling, intuitive products that ship on time, and on budget. I do this first and foremost with the visual, and information architecture skills I've forged over a ten-plus year career in industrial design and UX. Coming up with lots of different avenues to explore solutions is one of my specialties. I love the feeling that comes when hard data and user insights combine to open up new perspectives on a problem.

When not tumbling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, or snapping up cheap paperbacks, you'll usually find me shredding on my mountain bike.  Let's chat!

headshot photo of Brad

The saga continues...

UX / Product Design Freelancer

2022 - Present

After a UX boot camp in 2021 and some unpaid UI work for a small software company in 2022 I realized I needed a bit more practice before I was ready to start freelancing. I spent another year closely mentoring with some ex Smartsheet UXers and now I am leading design on an iOS app for a startup with a former boss of mine!

image collage of watch website screens

ID Design Freelancer

2015 - Present

The majority of my work right now comes from working with two different companies as an industrial designer. For both Pacteam Group and Metaline products I design and help prepare for engineering, point of purchase displays, packaging, and retail store environments. Over this time I've also designed a few consumer products for Kodak.

image collage of jewelry pouch designs

Headed out west: My move to Denver, Colorado


It had always been a dream of mine to move out west and spend some time exploring the Rockies. When I started freelancing I was able to make this dream a reality. I spent 5 great years in Denver and went on all sorts of adventures, most of them on my mountain bike. This chapter came to a close with COVID.

daybreak over a mountain

Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and raised $15,000 for a non-profit


A good friend had asked me if I wanted to join him in Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for his 30th birthday. I of course said yes! As part of the trip we decided to "Climb for 30" and raise money for a non-profit called the Adventure Project that was helping to provide water pumps for farmers in Kenya.

Brad at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro with a friend

First Industrial Design Job

2010 - 2014

My first foray into the design world came right after college when I got a job at a company named Pacteam Group that designs and manufactures displays and packaging for the luxury watch and jewelry industries. This job was about delivering on brand, beautiful and functional design and then preparing technical documents for engineering.

rendering of a Ferrari branded watch display